We have two 3D printers and both are for different purposes. The advantages of our DLP printer are high precision, and printed models can be used for metal casting. The DLP printer can print objects that are coin size.

    The advantage of the FDM printer is the large print area that allows printing up to 20 cm. Also, the FDM printer has a wide range of materials, including bio-recyclable plastic, which is a very important factor nowadays.

    In order for us to determine the cost of 3D printing, we need a 3D model, preferably in OBJ or STL format.

    DLP printer parameters:

  • Printing area - 120x68x200 mm;

  • Printing material - photopolymer (in various colors and application functions);

  • Layer thickness - 0.035 - 0.5 mm;

  • Accuracy - 0.004 mm;


    FDM printer parameters:

  • Printing area - 200x200x250 mm;

  • Printing material - PLA (various colors);

  • Layer thickness - 0.1-0.4 mm;

  • Accuracy - ±0.1 mm;


3D model
3D model

3D model made from sketch

3D printing
3D printing

3D printed model

Metal casting
Metal casting

From 3D printed model metal casted finished product